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Click here to read Story behind this Illustration.
01 About me

I am destined to design.

My life is a line, given shape by experience, coloured by dreams, and framed by vision.

Backed by many years of experience, I trust my skills, especially when it comes to Illustration, Animation, Design, Web Design, Branding, Art Direction and Creative ideas. I like to sharpen myskills and learn new ones from time to time.

I never follow where everyone follows. For my work, I look for new grounds and blank spaces. I never stay still; always go towards future and technology, not letting myself to get forgotten in a moment of history.

My goal is to make a meaningful contribution to the society through my designs. I want to touch lives of people, shape childhoods, and sow the seeds of design and art and open avenues to an artistic lifestyle. According to me, with the digital and technological outburst, the world we knew decades ago is going through a constant change which calls the need for staying ahead of the competition.

The world is growing, and I am growing along. And, all I need; is a space to Design!

Creative Director, Illustrator, Concept Art
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Creative Suite
Microsoft Office Suite
Design and Branding
Storyboarding and Storytelling
03 Expertise
& Design
& Composition
Concept Design
& Color Keys
Branding, Strategy
& Advertising
Layout &
Background Design
& Executing
04 My Work Process

Creativity is a process that needs a structure with different parts that fit together and woven along with the repeated effort and the unique style of the creative individual.

Do you know where you would like to go in your creative process? If you can identify very precisely where you are at currently and where you would want to be at the end of your creative process, you create structural tension. Structural tension tends to move you towards completion of your work. I have experienced this fundamental aspect of my creative process.

Creativity is like a spontaneousexperiment within the confines of a controlled framework. You need to establish first what the parameters are for your framework. What are the rules and conditions of your framework? Moreover, what are the creative elements and aspects of your experiment? What are you trying to bring together or synthesiseand what is the process or journey that you choose to take?

You need to be able to channel your creativity and your creative products into a meaningful framework where your work is recognised and supported. You want to make sure that you are not wasting your time with little engagement.

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